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Lewis Hamilton responds to Mario Andretti, Sir Jackie Stewart comments

Formula 1 Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton

Image source: Getty Images

Lewis Hamilton has responded to Mario Andretti and Sir Jackie Stewart’s latest comment and he said he is disappointed. It was claimed Hamilton had become a “militant” and that there wasn’t a “big problem” with diversity in Formula 1.

Hamilton has been a vocal campaigner against racism since the death of American George Floyd in May. He has also launched a commission to encourage more diversity in F1

Speaking before last weekend’s Hungarian GP, motorsport legend Andretti was quoted as telling Chilean newspaper El Mercurio: “I have a lot of respect for Lewis, but why become a militant? He’s always been accepted and he’s earned everyone’s respect. I think the whole point of this is pretentious. I feel that way. And it’s creating a problem that doesn’t exist.”

Hamilton responded to the comments on social media and called on the American to “educate himself”.

“This is disappointing but unfortunately a reality that some of the older generation who still have a voice today cannot get out of their own way and acknowledge there is a problem,” Hamilton wrote on an Instagram story. “Again, this is plain ignorance but that will not stop me from continuing to push for change. It is never too late to learn and I hope that this man who I’ve always had respect for can take the time to educate himself.”

Source: Sky Sports

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