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Lewis Hamilton: “Now we have to reach even further than we’ve done before”

Lewis Hamilton believes rivals Ferrari hold all the aces as Britain’s five-time Formula One world champion gears up for the biggest battle of his career.

Last year, Hamilton won 11 of the 21 rounds, excelling in a Mercedes car which was not always the cream of the crop.

“Last season, there were many occasions where we were behind on performance so we had to overachieve with our delivery,” said Hamilton.

“Now we have to reach even further than we’ve done before.

“You have to be careful in that scenario because it could push you over the edge and you can make faults but we don’t mind a challenge. We love a fight and it just means that we have to work harder.

“When you start two or three steps ahead it is easier to keep at least one step in front.

“But I am not worried or disappointed. We have a hill to climb. We know how to do it, so it is just about being diligent, taking no shortcuts and bringing even more performance. There is no reward for going quick in testing. What matters is that we are fast in Melbourne.”

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