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Lewis Hamilton: “I don’t really have a lot of good things to say on Pirellis”

Lewis Hamilton, who had the softest tyre available, the C5, is not impressed with this year’s modified Pirellis.

“That is why I said he concurs with me, they are a little bit hard,” said Hamilton.

“What do you want to know, if the tyres are any good? I don’t really have a lot of good things to say on that, so best I probably don’t say anything.

“As we get into the year, it is going to be a challenge. They are more challenging this year than they were last.

“And we have all these different names of tyres – C5, C4, C3, C2 and C1 – which is for me personally even more confusing than all the colours that we had.”

Hamilton added: “We will get used to it, and it will be the norm. Valtteri [Bottas] seems to be enjoying driving the tyres out there and I will get a bit of a better feel for what the tyres are like. I’ve been driving on more fuel so it is never a good feeling generally in any year when you have more fuel on board. But we are all in the same boat and I will try to understand them the best I can.”

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