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28-05-2021 | 21:50 Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton delaying retirement because of title rival Max Verstappen - Jenson Button

Lewis Hamilton is delaying his retirement because of Max Verstappen, according to former World Champion Jenson Button. In their last battle, Hamilton finished seventh, while Verstappen won the Monaco Grand Prix. Button offered his thoughts on the situation, believing that Hamilton could be more inclined to stay racing longer with the emergence of Verstappen as a real threat. “When you’re winning, it’s difficult to retire,” Button told PlanetF1. “I think this year is extra motivation because Max is there and Max is super talented, his natural ability is just insane. “I think Lewis is the most complete driver and don’t forget natural ability isn’t something you’ve worked for, it’s something you’ve been given. For me, a driver that works hard and develops his skills is the best driver in the world, and I think that Lewis has really worked and fine-tuned his skills and at the moment he is the guy to beat, he is the best in the world. “Max, with his natural ability, is able to challenge Lewis, but he’s not as complete as Lewis. One, because he has never won a World Championship and has never been through that rollercoaster, and two, because he doesn’t have the experience of Lewis and Lewis has put in the hours, he’s put in the time to develop as a driver.”
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