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Lewis Hamilton criticises Marko over disputed quote

Formula 1 Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton

Image source: Getty Images

Lewis Hamilton has criticised Helmut Marko after his comments allegedly referencing his support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

A report claimed Marko said “some drivers are distracted, talking about lives which matter”. It cited German broadcaster RTL as the source for the quote, but this has not been verified.

Hamilton reacted strongly to the alleged quote, writing on social media: “Helmut, it deeply saddens me that you consider fighting for equal treatment of black people and people of colour a distraction. I’m actually quite offended.”

“A distraction for me was fans showing up in blackface to taunt my family on race weekends,” he said. “A distraction for me was the unnecessary and additional adversity and unfair treatment I faced as a child, teen, and even now, due to the colour of my skin. I hope this speaks volumes to the few people of colour you do have on your team, about your priorities and how you view them. Wake up. This sport needs to change.”

The publication which published the alleged quote subsequently deleted the story without explanation or comment.

Source: Racefans

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