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Lewis Hamilton branded ‘most precious’ F1 driver by rival Daniel Ricciardo

F1 driver Lewis Hamilton

Image source: Getty Images

Lewis Hamilton has been branded as the “most precious” driver in F1 by Daniel Ricciardo.

Hamilton will have the opportunity to match Michael Schumacher’s race wins record and voyage of seven titles as the 2020 season unfolds.

Ricciardo has made a habit of performing a shoey celebration, which involves drinking champagne from one of his race boots.

But he says fans shouldn’t bet on Hamilton joining him in indulging in one if they’re ever on the podium together.

“As far as drivers go, it would be Lewis because he seems to be the most precious of them all,” Ricciardo told Rolling Stone, when asked who he’d love to have in his Shoey Hall of Fame.

Ricciardo isn’t convinced Sebastian Vettel, who he spent a season with at Red Bull, would get involved either.

“I think both of them, they seem like very hygienic people,” Ricciardo said, when pointing to Vettel and Hamilton as the drivers who would most hate doing a shoey.

Source: Express

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