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Lewis Hamilton blasts Ferrari on lack of anti-racism action after Mercedes support F1 star

Lewis Hamilton on Austrian GP

Image source: Getty Images

Lewis Hamilton has slammed Ferrari for failing to take the initiative in the fight against racism. The F1 champion’s dig at the sport’s most illustrious team comes after he received the support of Mercedes at the Styrian Grand Prix.

Mercedes had all of their personnel take a knee with Hamilton before Sunday’s race. Hamilton was at the front end of the Red Bull Ring starting grid and was joined by most of his rivals in kneeling during a collective stand against racism.

“We’ve seen Red Bull’s mechanics take a knee, which I think is great, but as businesses and as teams…if you look at Ferrari who have thousands of people working with them, I’ve heard no word of Ferrari saying that they hold themselves accountable, and this is what they’re going to do for their future,” Hamilton said.

“And we need the teams to do that. We need Formula 1 and the FIA to be more leading in those scenarios, saying ‘hey guys, all of us together, everyone needs to pull together and fight for this.’ I think a lot of people don’t know what the problem is. Some people deny there is a problem.

Hamilton described the fight for equality as a “lifelong” task that he has no intention of shying away from.

“We’ve got to continue to push for equality and really to raise awareness of it so I don’t really know what else we can do moving forward but for me to have Valtteri [Bottas] and my team also lining and acknowledging and kneeling before the start of the race I think was really huge and I’m incredibly grateful for their understanding and this contribution to it.

“I think we’ve really got to think as a sport what we can do because of course those are nice signs but passion is needed, it needs taking. It’s great to… as I said before… to see [F1 chief executive] Chase being so kind as to donate $1m and it’s great to see the FIA to step up and also give me a $1m but if you don’t know the problem then you can’t fix it and you know $1m doesn’t really go that far so a lot of work needs to go on with Formula 1.

“The FIA do really need to be a part of it and I think the drivers need to be a part of it also as we have great voices and platforms.”

Source: express

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