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LASK Linz boss Valerien Ismael warns Manchester United against underestimating his side

Image source: Getty Images

LASK Linz boss Valerien Ismael warned Manchester United against the danger of underestimating his side in the Europa League on Thursday night.

United will play their first leg of last -16 tie behind closed doors.

During his pre-match press-conference, Ismael said Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side will play into the hands of the Austrian league leaders if they take them lightly.

It’s the match of the century for us, but one we have to play without our family and friends present,” said Ismael.

“It’s a real highlight for us, a real challenge to play against one of the world’s biggest teams.

“United are a great team, they have in every position two, three or four players of the same high quality.

“They are very strong, technically and physically, but maybe what is to our advantage is that they underestimate us and the situation, not playing in front of fans, and the fact they don’t know us – that could help us.” 

Source: The Mirror

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