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Karine Grigoryan

07-11-2019 | 17:41 Football

"Klopp halfway to not caring about the match". Liverpool fans react to Jurgen Klopp's "job done" verdict

Liverpool celebrated 2-1 victory over Genk in the Champions League on Wednesday, November 6. After the game, Jurgen Klopp gave his verdict on the win. "That was the game – ‘job done’ is the headline from the game, pretty much. But the group is not decided," said Klopp. "We knew from the beginning it’s a tough group. Yes, now we are first in the table but we only really want to be first after the last matchday. "We have to play two tough games, two important ones. In each of them we can decide it with a win but that sounds easier than it is because both games will be really tricky." Liverpool fans were quick to respond as one wrote: "Lmao. Klopp halfway to not caring about the match." While the other added: "great coach." https://twitter.com/cowlos/status/1192014753448812545 https://twitter.com/D1kLFC14/status/1191990379186393088

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