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Klopp explains what Fabinho did to prove he can play as a center back

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp has spoken out on Fabinho’s performance against Brighton 7 Hove Albion.

Brazil international was used as center back because of injuries of Joel Matip, Joe Gomez and Dejan Lovren.

Fabinho has proven that he can play equally well as full back or defensive midfielder, however it was the first time that he was responsible for the central area of the defense.

Klopp said (via Mirror): “He is a brilliant player and I am happy that he can play (against Brighton) – it’s now pretty clear (that he can play in defence).

“It’s not like it came one attack after the other from Brighton. We had the ball most of the time, so then it makes sense to have a good footballer in that position.

“I think Brighton tried a little bit to bring the long balls and Murray around him. That’s what they did, by the way, against Joe Gomez in the home game as well.

“He did well in these situations and with the ball it’s absolutely clear. He has a defending brain and can do it in different positions, it’s good.” he added.

Liverpool have 57 points after 22 matches and keep on leading in EPL table.

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