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Karine Grigoryan

21-07-2019 | 21:46 Basketball

Kendrick Perkins makes a bold statement on Kevin Durant and Golden State Warriors

Kendrick Perkins has made a bold statement claiming that the Golden State Warriors had the “upper hand” in Durant’s free agency until November 2018. “If you look at KD’s situation as far as him signing with Brooklyn, we all know he that had been talking to Kyrie [Irving] throughout the season,” Perkins said. “We all know they are great friends. When he decided, in my opinion, when I saw Kyrie had left his agency to go with Roc Nation and then I saw Kyrie had committed to Brooklyn. It was a no-brainer to me that KD was going. He was already out there in New York," said Perkins. “Coming into the season I think Golden State had the upper hand, but as the season went on and the incident happened with him and Draymond, I don’t think Kevin really bounced back from it." The incident between the two teammates happened when Golden State Warriors played against Los Angeles Clippers during which Draymond Green and Durant had an on-court argument which continued in the locker room as well. Green reportedly called Durant a bitch and dared him to leave in free agency, which eventually happened. via Fade Away World.

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