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Kasper Schmeichel gets candid about life in Leicester City camp amid coronavirus fears

Image source: Getty Images

Leicester City goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel has admitted that the spread of coronavirus has made for a “strange” week at Goodison Park.

The Foxes have been placed in a seven-day self-isolation period after showing “extremely mild” symptoms but the rest of the squad had been preparing for this weekend’s Premier League clash against Watford before an official postponement of the league was announced on Friday morning, suspending all fixtures in England until at least April 3.

Schmeichel said that training during a pandemic had been strange, but that the squad were looking out for each other.

“In terms of going into this week, it’s been a strange week for everyone,” he said.

“We’re trying to prepare as best as we can. We’re trying to concentrate and trying to look after each other so we’re ready for whatever happens.”

If the fixture had gone ahead, it would have seen Schmeichel enjoy a reunion with former Leicester boss Nigel Pearson, who is not attempting to steer the Hornets away from relegation trouble.

“He (Pearson) was able to treat you in a way that got you to run through a brick wall for him, and that’s what he did with his players at Leicester,” the Dane added.

“I’ve always spoken highly of him and will always have the utmost respect for him. His man management is second to none, he’s exceptional at that.

“Brendan is very similar to Nigel and they’re very, very good man managers. My manager for Denmark [Age Hareide] is very, very similar.

“You can see, now that Nigel’s gone into Watford, what he’s done with the belief that he gives his players, I think that’s a massive plus for him.”

Source- Leicestershire Live

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