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Jurgen Klopp speaks out on his future at Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp has spoken out on his future at Liverpool.

German coach, who has joined Merseyside club in 2015, has made a massive impact throughout these years.

Reds have played in Europa League and Champions League finals and are now fighting for EPL title with Manchester City with just 5/6 matches remaining.

“I have a contract at Liverpool until 2022,” Klopp said (via LiverpoolECHO)

“And no-one here has the feeling that we should end it – neither from the side of the owner nor my side.”

Klopp has also been asked on whether Bayern Munich job would be interesting for him after his contract is expired with Liverpool.

“I do not know. There’s a long way to go.” he added.

“Basically, football is like this – the opportunity has to be right, and the timing has to be right.

“But I’m totally happy here. I do not feel like I’m finished here. Our team has a good age structure and we can work together for a while.” concluded Klopp.

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