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Jurgen Klopp let rip at Niko Kovac after the Bayern manager’s handshake snub

Liverpool’s normally-rampant attack was left frustrated after this last-16 first-leg draw. Besides not being satisfied with 0-0 draw Jurgen Klopp was left fuming after Bayern Munich boss Niko Kovac snubbed him by not shaking hands before the match would start.

Klopp, whose team go to Munich on March 13, said: “I wanted to shake Niko’s hand immediately. He went and shook all of the Bayern players’ hands.

“When he came back I said I was waiting. But he apologised and I said no problem. It was a pure misunderstanding. I stood there like the ox in front of the mountain.”

And Kovac admitted: “It’s common in England to shake hands after the final whistle. But first I am to my bench and not to him.

“He knows that differently from England. But it was not meant to be bad, I apologised after that.”

On the results Klopp added: “It is not the result or game we dreamed of. I am not over the moon but I am  completely okay.

“This is the best draw you can get but, yes, we can play better, we should play better. It was a big fight.

“We had better chances in the first half and I  cannot remember any chances in the second half for either side.

“But it is absolutely okay. The tie is not over. We have a base for the second leg.

“It is not a game you will remember in 20 years but that is the result and we will work with that.

“I am sure Bayern will feel better than we do. A 0-0 is not perfect but we can work with that.”

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