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Jurgen Klopp hailed one player after the Chelsea win

Liverpool beat Chelsea 2-0 in a home of the Premier League match day 34.

After the game, Jurgen Klopp has praised goalkeeper Alisson and identified him as the man who “saved Liverpool’s life” in the win over the Blues.

“There were 10 minutes when Chelsea changed their system and had their chances and Ali saved our life,” said Klopp.

“Apart from that we controlled and dominated the game for 80 minutes which is the best you can say about a game against Chelsea.

“But in these 10 minutes they could have changed the game completely, a post and two saves from Ali, right? But then we controlled the game again. It was a fantastic performance and an even better atmosphere and a very important result.

“We showed a lot of really good things in the first half. But a little problem for us was the wind. In the second half it was a big plus. Chelsea struggled with the build up.

“It was in our favour second half and we used it, and we needed to be a bit more flexible on the right flank. First half we were left side dominated. That was one of the things we spoke about at half-time.

“It was wonderful that we got a goal from there, with Hendo (Jordan Henderson) chipping the ball in.”

Currently, Jurgen Klopp’s side is leading the league with 85 points and is two points ahead of second placed Manchester City, who have played one game less.

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