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Jurgen Klopp claims Liverpool will ‘find the momentum’ after Spurs draw

Jurgen Klopp claims his team will 'find the momentum' after Spurs draw

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Jurgen Klopp has claimed Liverpool will ‘find the momentum’ after they played a 1-1 draw with Tottenham on Saturday, May 7.

The Reds only managed to secure a point at Anfield, making their gap difference from one to three with the leader Manchester City.

However, Klopp’s next game is today (May 10) against Aston Villa, so the manager believes his players will ‘delete the bad things’ and focus on the clash.

Taking via Irish Examiner, the German boss admitted:

“The crosses you can read easy. They are not useful in a game like this with the profile of players they have in the box. That makes no sense.


“You have to keep going to find the momentum, to pile through the gaps, get to the touchline and square it from there.


“The main challenge in a game like this is that you are constantly in a creating mood, knowing each missed pass is a massive problem (as it leaves them open to a counter-attack).


“It is really difficult to stay calm in these moments and do exactly the right thing. Now we have to use the good things, delete the bad things and go from here.”


“That is how I see it. That is how I saw the game. So we keep going. If we win 3-1, you would not have counted crosses. You would not have asked me about that.


“It was not a perfect game but the general approach, the counter press was completely on a different level.


“We win it and we talk about that – ‘Wow the counter press of Liverpool’ – we don’t win it and we just forget it. I don’t because that keeps us going.


“We didn’t score from a set-piece but we could have because everything was nearly perfect. We have to accept that.”  added the coach.


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