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Joshua reveals his uncle predicted Andy Ruiz Jr defeat five years before shock KO

Image source: Getty Images

Anthony Joshua has revealed his uncle predicted Andy Ruiz Jr defeat five years ago.

2012 Olympic Gold Medalist and former IBF, WBO, and IBO heavyweight-boxing champion Joshua was knocked out in the seventh round at Madison Square Garden Saturday night by massive betting odds underdog Ruiz Jr.

I remember years ago my uncle wrote out a list of all the heavyweights and next to Andy Ruiz Jr he wrote ‘upset king’, believe it or not. This was around 2014 he gave me that list,” said Joshua.

Joshua also revealed he couldn’t remember where he was when he was dumped on the canvas in the third round.

I couldn’t even really remember where I was at the time but I just knew that I was in for a fight, I knew that I shouldn’t be here, so I just got to my feet and we went again. I remember going back to the corner but I can’t remember what I was saying. Slipping and sliding shots is not my forte, long-range shots and power shots are my forte. I got through to the seventh round and then that was it.

“Boom, I got hit again. The hole was getting deeper. I was down, breathing heavy, gum shield drops, found myself to my feet again. He ain’t knocked me out cold, but he’s knocked me down, so I find myself walking back to the corner.

“The ref holds my shorts, pulls me forward, and as he pulls me forward I step forward, then he pushes me back, and I thought, ‘OK he’s pushed me back, so I think he’s going to put my gum shield in’. The next thing I see he’s waved off the fight. The ref did his job, he saw that I could not continue so he waved off the fight and it’s his job to do that.”

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