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Jose Mourinho slams Spurs and Manchester United, claiming he’s “a victim”

Jose Mourinho slams Spurs and Manchester United, claiming he's "a victim"

Image source: AS Roma Twitter

Jose Mourinho bites back over Tottenham and Manchester United, claiming he is just “a victim”.

The Special One signed a three-year deal with Roma after being sacked by Spurs back in April. He was strongly criticised during his time in London and Manchester, yet the 58-year-old explains why he was just “a victim”.

“I won three trophies at Manchester United and that was seen as a disaster,” he said during his press conference on Thursday.

“I reached a cup final which I was not allowed to play at Tottenham, and that was seen as a disaster.

“What’s a disaster for me is considered as a great success for others.

“In my last three clubs I won the title at Chelsea, three cups at United, a Final at Tottenham, we arrived sixth, reaching the Europa League.

The Portuguese manager is known for having tense relationships with his players and is not scared of scolding them when its necessary, but he also never hesitates to defend them:

“Many things can happen and I will give everything to defend my players, but I won’t be the one looking for troubles, I don’t have time for that. I am more solid emotionally, but I will always defend my club.”


Source: Football365

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