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Jose Mourinho sacking left Chelsea stars ‘in pieces’ with Didier Drogba crying

Image source: Getty Images

Former Chelsea midfielder Steve Sidwell has revealed just how devastated Jose Mourinho’s sacking made the club’s stars back in 2007.

Sidwell claimed: “I’ve been at a lot of clubs where the manager’s gone.

“The hardest one I had was at Chelsea when Jose left. A lot of the players had been with him for a long time and it was a real family culture.

“We played Rosenborg in the Champions League. We drew or lost at home and then we got called in the next day. We knew something wasn’t right and Jose got sacked that day.

“He came down. I’d only been there a couple of months and he was going round one-by-one saying his goodbyes, people was crying. Drogba was in absolute pieces, like tears. I think everyone was taken aback by it. He went round to every individual and everyone was sort of broken by it.”

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