Jose Mourinho: Maybe now you won't ask me why A, B and C do not play

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho shared his thoughts after the away English Premier League loss against Brighton (1-0).

"It was not good enough. The players that replaced others did not perform at a good level and when individuals do that it is difficult for the team to play well," he told BBC after the clash. "Maybe now you will not ask me why A, B and C do not play so much. I knew what was going to happen and I told them, but that is what we got. "The attitude from the first minute and especially in the first half, they had more appetite. I did not succeed in persuading my players that getting four more points is important. it is for me, but perhaps not for them," he continued. "I wouldn't say disappointed. I know them. I thought that the possibility to start the game and give reason would give them something. "You have the answer now when you ask 'why always Lukaku?'. We are probably not as good as people think we are individually," the Man Utd Boss concluded on the matter.


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