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Jose Mourinho makes Liverpool and Man City Premier League prediction

Image source: Sky Sports

Former Manchester United and Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho predicts,  Liverpool and Manchester City are destined to fight it out for the Premier League title this season.

Both win again on Saturday. Manchester City beat Brighton, while the Reds set a club record with that victory, which was their 13th in succession in the Premier League across both the end of last season and the first four games of this one.

“I think both (Arsenal and Spurs need the points),” he said. “We were having a laugh at Old Trafford in the first fixture of the season. I was having the joke of Man City B, Spurs, Liverpool and Man City.

“Just three or four weeks later, we understand clearly Liverpool and Man City are going to finish first and second, or second and first. Can Tottenham or Arsenal be there? They push for it, I think today is very important for them to win. If they don’t do it, the distance just after four weeks is the distance that impresses a little bit.”

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