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Jose Mourinho makes bold claim over Tottenham’s start to season

Jose Mourinho makes bold claim over Tottenham's start to season

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Jose Mourinho has claimed that he is not getting carried away by talks that Tottenham Hotspur are Premier League title contenders and admitted that his side have plenty of work to do.

A win against West Brom on Sunday afternoon will send Spurs to the top of the Premier League table, at least temporarily.

However, Mourinho admitted that he is keeping his feet on the ground, for the moment. When asked whether he feels his side can do something special this season, the Spurs boos told Football.London: “No no no.

“I have years of football experience and it is not a couple of victories that put me on the moon and it is not a couple of defeats that send me down to hell.

“It’s all about balance, taking it match by match, looking for improvement and seeing what happens.

“I expected a couple of more points in the Premier League. We lost points we shouldn’t have and also in the Europa League we have six points now when I expected to have nine.”

Source- Spurs-Web

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