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Jose Mourinho delivers Champions League semi-final predictions after first leg results

Former Manchester United head coach Jose Mourinho has delivered Champions League prediction after first leg results. The Portuguese believes that Juventus and Barcelona will be in the semi-finals.

Barcelona are on track to progress into the semi-finals after beating Manchester United 1-0 at Old Trafford in the first leg, while Juventus grabbed an away goal against Ajax in their 1-1 draw.

“Let me protect myself a little bit; I think every club has a chance… The results are showing that everyone has a chance. Nobody goes to the second leg thinking ‘that’s done, I qualified already’ or ‘that’s done, I have no chance’,” Mourinho told Russia Today.

Mourinho admitted he felt Italian champions Juventus and Spanish giants Barcelona are the two strongest teams left in the competition.

“You know, Barcelona and Juventus they have a little advantage. Barcelona is winning one nil and now plays at home. Juventus drew with goals and know they are playing at home. They have a little advantage,” Mourinho continued.

“But as I was saying I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them or both stay behind.

“But you know, the semi-finals are semi-finals and the winner of Barcelona and Manchester United is going to play against Liverpool or Porto so it’s so difficult. And then the winner of City-Tottenham, as we were saying, is an English team that reaches a semi-final and goes to play against Juventus or Ajax so I really used to say this all the time when you get into a semifinal you have 12.5 per cent possibility equally to win the competition.

“You have everything open for you when you start feeling you can. So in this moment everybody that is in the quarterfinal they are feeling they can.”

City are expected to come back strong in the second game, and Mourinho expects Pep Guardiola’s side to progress.

“That’s really really really really hard. But, I would say City. But I have many doubts. I say City because you want me to say one or another,” Mourinho joked. “But, really really hard because Tottenham can perfectly do it.”

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