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30-09-2019 | 11:33 Football

Jorginho reveals his happiness that Chelsea fans chant his name

Jorginho scored the penalty which put Chelsea on the road to their first home Premier league win and fist clean sheet under Frank Lampard. Chelsea fans used to jeer Jorginho but these punters are now chanting his name. The 27-year-old deserves huge credit for sticking up with the club rather than looking for a return to Serie A once Maurizio Sarri moved on. Asked how it felt being cheered at Stamford Bridge, midfielder Jorginho said: “It’s amazing because last season it was impossible. I’m very happy how they have changed their mind about me. I have worked a lot. I never said anything, I just work and work and work and I think the results are coming — and I am very happy with that. “It is an opportunity for me to show I’m here not just for the coach. I’m thankful of what we did together because it was amazing. We worked four years together and I’m very thankful for what I learned from him. But I’m here also for my quality — but the people could not see that last season.” Jorginho admitted the negativity towards him back then made him “a little sad”: “I just had to work hard and change their minds — and to make them know they had made a mistake about me.” The Italian scored his first league goal of the season and that is now 12 successful spot-kicks in his last 13 attempts. Jorginho said: “This season, we are playing with more long balls, so less short passing. It has changed a little bit but the mentality is the same, to press the other team and try to have control of the match. I have to be there to control all the team. If I leave my position it is a big problem for everybody because there will be too much space in the midfield. I try to do what the coach wants so I can adapt myself. He wants the ball forward quicker and not  have too much short passing, so I am trying to do that. Yes, it is simple.”

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