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Jordan: “Lewis Hamilton will switch to Ferrari”

Charles Coates/Getty Images

Image source: Getty Images

Eddie Jordan believes the current global situation could turn the fantasy into reality and Lewis Hamilton will join Ferrari.

Having speculated about Mercedes’ imminent Formula 1 exit, Jordan says that Hamilton will have no choice.

“Lewis will switch to Ferrari. Only the Italians can still afford his salary and they know that he is worth it,” Jordan told Sport1 and “Verstappen will stay with Red Bull and try to beat Lewis. But that will be very difficult.”

Responding to similar rumours of such a move published recently in The Sun, Hamilton said on social media, “First off, there is no dream of a dash to another team. I am with my dream team. Second, there’s not a thing in my way as I’m not trying to move. I’m with the people who have cared from day 1. We are the best team! @mercedesamgf1.”

Source: gpfans

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