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26-04-2019 | 17:56 Football

Jordan Henderson sends passionate message to Liverpool fans ahead of Huddersfield

Jordan Henderson sends passionate message to Liverpool fans ahead of Huddersfield Jordan Henderson says Liverpool have no uncertainty as they bid to end a 29-year wait and claim Premier League title this season. With only three steps remaining and one point separating the champions and the challengers, the finest Premier League title race of recent years is almost over. Liverpool’s run-in remains more favourable than City’s, though Klopp’s side also have a Champions League semi-final against Barcelona to worry about. Before next week’s Camp Nou first leg, Huddersfield visit Anfield on Friday night. Man City won the derby to take the box seat once again in the Premier League title race. The Reds will reclaim top spot by the victory on Friday night. Henderson says: “It feels like we’ve been talking about scenarios for the end of the season since August. I’ve honestly not known a season like it. “How many wins will it take? How many points do you need? How many points do your opponents need to drop and where might that happen? But, as you’ll have heard nearly every player in our squad say repeatedly when asked, it isn’t something that has consumed us. "We haven’t lost an ounce of focus. Don’t get me wrong; all of us are living and breathing every second of this. We absolutely love it and we are completely focused on it. "We love the pressure, the intensity and the focus. This is what every single one of us wants every single season – to have these pressures at this point of the season. “Our supporters are clearly loving every moment and, like with us players, I only see joy and belief in them at the moment. I don’t see anything other than us all living the moment and I think that’s a big part of our growth. The fear and desperation isn’t there anymore. No one here thinks we’ve cracked it, but the support we are getting shows total belief.”

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