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Jordan Henderson REVEALS the key CHANGE Jurgen klopp has made after his arrival

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson reveals how Jurgen Klopp has changed players’ mentality since arriving at Anfield in 2015.

Merseyside club has been changed drastically in terms of both the quality of the game and mental strength, becoming one of the two dominating powers in the Premier League and one of the best teams in Europe, playing in 3 European finals during the last 4 seasons. 

Going 44 matches unbeaten in the Premier League has been massive for the club, and Henderson says it was due to their attitude and their mentality. 

“That sort of mentality and that resilience within us, especially this season, has been massive in terms of the games that we have won,” Henderson told Sky Sports (via Mirror).

“I feel as though that is something that the manager really started to instil in the squad.

“When he first came [to the club] I can remember him talking about never ever stopping and finishing or changing your mentality in a game.

“You always keep going no matter what happens in a game, no matter what score it is, right until the very end because you never know what can happen in football, and you need to keep the same mentality and keep going right until the end.

“I can always remember that right from the very beginning and if I look back through the time that he has been here – you look at games like Dortmund in the Europa League, coming back like we did in that game.

“Little games in the Premier League that people might not really pick up on, but when you go back I think it has been a progression over a few years and not just one season.

“I think this season has been massive in terms of the consistency of it.

“But I really feel as though that was a work in progress and now it’s part of our identity really: that no matter what happens within the game then we never stop and never change the mentality until the game has finished.”

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