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John Terry opens up on Jose Mourinho threatening him in front of Chelsea squad

Image source: Getty Images

John Terry has lifted the lid on Jose Mourinho’s famous mind games by retelling one incident when the former Chelsea boss threatened to sell him and centre-back partner Gary Cahill.

Mourinho was not impressed by a poor display by the defensive duo during the first day of training in pre-season after winning the Premier League in 2015.

During an Instagram Live with snooker great Stephen Hendry, Terry was asked if Mourinho liked to be close to his players or if he regularly gave them earfuls.

He responded: “He knew when to push your buttons and when not to. Even small things, you’d be sitting at home and get a text message off him going, ‘Unbelievable today in training you’re my main man, love you, captain.’ You’d sit there and go, ‘That’s unbelievable’.

“So a really good relationship, but also I was petrified of him, like probably most players was. You’d go in the next day and you’d get nothing from him at all.

“He’d walk past you, say nothing and blank you. You’d think you’ve upset him. Did I text something back? You look at your messages and think, ‘No, I’m alright there.’

“After training, he’d go, ‘That’s why you’re my captain, you just needed that little push.’ We won the league and came back pre-season, first day, me and Gary Cahill kept giving the ball away. He stopped the session, we’d just signed Cesc Fabregas, Diego Costa, a couple of others.

“He said, “You two, I’ll go and spend £100m on a couple of other centre-backs if you keep giving the ball away.” We looked at each other and thought, ‘Oh wow’.

“So me and Gaz now, first day of pre-season, we’ve gone round started smashing everyone in training. The tempo has gone up, everyone’s kicking lumps out of each other. After training, he came and put his arm round us both and said, ‘That’s why you’ll be starting this season.’ He just knew exactly what he was doing, he was four steps ahead of everyone else.”

Source: The Mirror

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