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Joe Gomez hits back at England fans who booed Virgil van Dijk

image via GiveMeSport

England played against Netherlands in the semi-finals of Nations League and lost 3-1. During the game Virgil van Dijk, who plays for Liverpool, was booed by England fans.

His Liverpool teammate Joe Gomez has hit out at fans saying at that he was baffled to hear them booing.

“I don’t know where it was coming from. I hadn’t see him do anything wrong. It doesn’t pose much benefit for us as a team,” said Joe Gomez.

“We get on the ball and play the same way. I don’t see the relevance with it. Maybe they were just following on. I don’t think it affected us or the way we play as a team.”

Currently England is playing against Switzerland for the 3rd place match of Nations League. While Netherlands is preparing to play against Portugal in the final today, June 9.

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