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Jamie Carragher speaks on Tottenham’s Premier League title chances

Pundit Jamie Carragher

Image source: Getty Images

Jamie Carragher has ruled out Tottenham’s Premier League title chances this season, saying Manchester City are closer to lifting the trophy.

Spurs are currently enjoying the season, sitting in 3rd place of the league table, two points behind the leaders Liverpool. Meanwhile, Pep Guardiola’s side are in 10th place with 11 points.

However, Carragher believes City have more chances to win the England top tier this year than the Lilywhites.

Speaking on Sky Sports’ Pitch to Post podcast, Carragher said: “I still can’t envisage anyone besides Liverpool or Man City winning the league. I just can’t see that. 

“I know Tottenham have started really well and I hope they have a great season and there are more challengers, but I just can’t see anybody else lifting that league title besides the big two of the last few years.

“I’d been very strong putting Liverpool as favourites for the title, but for the injury to Virgil van Dijk – not just one of Liverpool’s top players but one of the top players in the Premier League.

“And if something similar would have happened to, say, Kevin De Bruyne for Man City, who is their top man, I think you’d say the same for City. I think it makes for an even more interesting race, no doubt about that.”

Source: Evening Standard

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