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26-11-2019 | 14:44 Football

Jamie Carragher sends clear message to Liverpool star Trent Alexander-Arnold

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher has insisted that Trent Alexander-Arnold must improve defensively if he wants to continue to improve. Last season, the player-created 12 assists from the right-hand side of Liverpool. This season, he already has a three to his tally. However, Carragher has admitted there is a chink in his armour after highlighting his need to improve the defensive side of the game on Sky Sports Monday Night Football. “Liverpool were not great, let’s put it that way, and you may say it’s a fortunate win but it’s actually the sixth time this season where Liverpool have won 2-1," Carragher explained on Monday Night Football. "Trent  (Alexander-Arnold) loses the ball (in midfield), he’s in like a fight with Zaha and it’s tough. “But this is my biggest problem right now with Trent, you have to sprint back but he’s jogging. I think if he gets back quick enough, he actually gets goalside and maybe forces the Palace attacker to make a different pass. But because of that initial lack of panic, you’d usually have that panic to get back. “I’ve seen it a lot now. I don’t know if it’s something that Jurgen Klopp mentioned or speaks to him about. There was a goal last year at Arsenal that we did on Monday Night Football which was exactly the same, Arsenal scored the goal and drew the game 1-1. It’s almost like he jogged back like he feels like it’s nothing to do with him. “I think that goal is stopped if he sprints back and forces Palace to get out of the box but why is he in the team? That cross, it’s a brilliant cross that forces the corner and he then sprints over to take the corner, puts it right on the spot for Van Dijk and that’s the winning goal. “Yes it’s the trade-off, you’d never take Trent out of Liverpool’s team, but what I’m saying is it’s not a trade-off where you say it’s ok to not be sprinting back and be better defensively, you want to keep what he’s got in terms of going forward because he’s the most creative player in Liverpool’s team, but he’s still got to improve on the other side of things and I hope that message is still getting given to him on a daily basis by the staff. Just sprint back, it’s very basic.” Source- Liverpool ECHO

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