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Jamie Carragher revealed why Jurgen Klopp fits Liverpool

Earlier it has been reported that Bayern Munich legend Franz Beckenbauer said that Jurgen Klopp could have become an ideal manager for the club due to his massive contribution for German football.

But former footballer Jamie Carragher disagreed with Bayern legend claiming that Klopp suits Liverpool too well.

“He’s suited firstly because he’s a top manager,” said Carragher “There’s no doubt about that. Then there’s his personality, his passion on the sidelines resonates with Liverpool supporters.

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“He resonates with fans on a different level. When he speaks, Liverpool supporters listen. He speaks their type of language, how they like football to be played.

“It comes back to that energy and passion in his team, and with him on the sidelines. That mirrors Liverpool people and Liverpool supporters at Anfield.

“Liverpool people have just taken to him. How long that love affair lasts? It depends on how successful the club are.

“There are a lot of top managers in the world. I’m not saying Jurgen Klopp is the best manager in the world, by a long stretch, but what I would say is I don’t think any manager is a better fit for Liverpool than Jurgen Klopp is.”

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