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Alla Zakarian

20-11-2019 | 11:19 Football

Jamie Carragher makes Jose Mourinho to Tottenham declaration

Jamie Carragher reckons Jose Mourinho is just the type of manager Tottenham need to replace Mauricio Pochettino. Mourinho has replaced Pochettino on Wednesday morning, but ahead of the appointment, Carragher said that he hopes the Special One stays in the studio. “Well I hope not because then he’d be out of our studio then,” said Carragher. “There might be a bit of room for me then on Super Sunday, I can’t get in the Super Sunday studio at the moment with Jose and all that, there might be a bit of room for me, squad rotation. “But no I hope it’s not Jose to be honest, I think he’s been great on Sky and I’ve enjoyed listening to him, so fingers crossed it’s not him.” Source- The Mirror

BREAKING: Tottenham appoint Jose Mourinho as club’s new head coach


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