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Jacques Villeneuve explains where Ferrari went wrong in 2019

Image source: Getty Images

Former F1 driver Jacques Villeneuve has been critical of the way Ferrari managed Charles Leclerc during the 2019 F1 season.

The season has not been an easy for Ferrari as there has been tension at the team and a number of incidents between their two drivers.

“A lot depends on the chemistry of the two drivers,” Villeneuve told Formule 1 when discussing Ferrari’s season. “Ferrari never said to Leclerc: ‘It’s your first year with us, your second year in F1. Relax and learn from Vettel.

“Then I think the team would have moved on more than it did,” said the Canadian. “Instead, from the first race, Leclerc had this image of ‘I am going to show that I am the boss and Vettel is passe. I am the future’.

“The fans also thought Leclerc had come to save Ferrari and the media went along with it. I think it hurt Vettel, like with Ricciardo in the Red Bull days. It didn’t help Ferrari because Leclerc simply wasn’t ready for that role. He had poles and even wins but he was not ready for the championship. This whole situation damaged Ferrari,” he concluded.

Source- GPBlog

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