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“Is it a failure?” Former Leicester City striker gives his verdict on the Foxes’ Premier League season

Thoughtful Brendan Rodgers

Image source: Getty Images

Leicester City fall from the Champions League spots during the Premier League campaign and now could finish it in the fifth-place. City are certain to be in Europa League, however, a win against Manchester United could give them Champions League finish.

Given the comparison between their pre-season expectations and their standing at the turn of the year, an interesting debate has opened up. If City finish fifth will be a disappointment or a failure?

Former City striker and coach Kevin Phillips is caught in two minds.

He told talkSPORT: “Is it a failure? I’m not sure it’s a failure. They’d be very disappointed of course. To be that close to Champions League football and to have the break and them come back and not be performing the way they did beforehand… It’s not just them, there’s other clubs who have done it, and there’s been other clubs who have come back and performed even better, like Manchester United.

“I think they’d be very disappointed. In a way you could say it would be a failure, but let’s not forget, it is Manchester United and Chelsea, and when you look at their squads player for player, I wouldn’t say they’re far superior, but they’ve obviously got two stronger squads than Leicester. It’s still not dead and buried, but I think it’d be more disappointment than failure.”

Source: LeicesterMercury