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Interesting facts about Stephen Curry you might not know about

Stephen Curry reacts to being voted as NBA All-Star

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Stephen Curry inspires


Stephen Curry might not only be one of the best basketball players but he is also an inspiration for many people. In an article published by The Players Tribune called Underrated, Stephen has revealed a time in his life when he was 13 years old and his team lost in the AAU national championships in Tennessee. He spoke about how his mother inspired him to not give up and that might be an inspiration for others as well.

“I wish I had the transcript for you, since there were some real gems in there. Basically, though? My Mom took the lead. She said, Steph, I’m only going to tell you this one time. After that, this basketball dream….. it’s going to be what it’s going to be. But here’s what I’ll say: NO ONE gets to write your story but you. Not some scouts. Not some tournament. Not these other kids, who might do this better or that better. And not EVER your last name. None of those people, and none of those things, gets to be the author of your story. Just you. So think real hard about it. Take your time. And then you go and write what you want to write. But just know that this story — it’s yours.

Man…. that moment stuck with me. I’ve said to myself, This is no one’s story to write but mine. It’s no one’s story but mine.”

And in another article, again published by The Players Tribune on Veterans Day, Curry spoke about how he and athletes like him should use their platform and raise awareness of problems surrounding society.

Let’s use our platforms, and take this day, to talk about how we can be louder than all of this silence — and quieter than all of this noise.

Stephen Curry Players Tribune - Noise
Image source – The Players’ Tribune

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