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Interesting facts about Klay Thompson you might not know about

Klay Thompson's heartfelt message to Golden State Warriors fans

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“I know to win a championship, you’re not going to do it alone. You’re going to have to have a great supporting cast,” Klay Thompson 


Klay Thomspon is an American professional basketball player who plays as a shooting guard for the Golden State Warriors. Thomspon is one of the greatest shooters in NBA History.

Here are some interesting facts about Klay Thompson you might not know about.

  1. He is the son of basketball player Mychal Thompson
  2. Klay was born in Los Angeles on February 8, 1990
  3. The 31-year-old’s mother is also an athlete, as she was a volleyball player
  4. Klay and his teammate Stephen Curry have formed maybe the best duo in NBA and they are called the Splash Brothers
  5. Klay holds the NBA regular-season record for most points scored in a quarter (37)
  6. He also holds the NBA regular season record for most three-pointers made in a game (14)
  7. The 31-year-old holds the NBA record for most three-pointers made in a single playoff (98 tied with Stephen Curry)
Klay Thompson sends a message ahead of Warriors return
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