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‘I’m very grateful’ – Manchester City star admits pure love for both the club and city

Ilkay Gundogan in action for Manchester City

Image source: Getty Images

Ilkay Gundogan has opened up about his great love for both his current club and the city of Manchester.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the club’s official magazine, Gundogan has revealed his appreciation for both the club he represents and Manchester as a community and home.

I’m very grateful for the opportunities that Manchester City first of all gave me but then also the opportunities I had from the city“, The 31-year-old said.


I have a life here that I really enjoy and I’m a part of a community that appreciates me. That’s something obviously very nice.”

Manchester City’s No. 8 then continued, claiming how he got obssessed with the city.

Something that you feel very comfortable with and that’s also the reason why I feel comfortable living here.


“Because of that, it’s even more important to kind of understand the role that you have and also the responsibility that you have.


source – cityxtra

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