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24-03-2021 | 22:18 Football

"I’m scared": Rio Ferdinand says he’s worried about one Spurs player’s loyalty at Tottenham

Rio Ferdinand has claimed that he’s scared Harry Kane will never win a trophy if he stays at Tottenham. Harry Kane’s future seems to be a hot issue at the moment. Ferdinand is worried about how he’ll be remembered if he doesn’t win anything. “I’ve got to be honest yeah, Harry Kane. I love him. I love the way he plays football. I’m just telling you, I’ve said it a few times now. Harry Kane at the end of his career, what does he want to be judged on? Does he want to be judged on being a winner? Or does he want to just be someone who scored goals?” Ferdinand said. “I’m going to take you to a scenario. I get invited to these things by FIFA and UEFA, where you get to meet ex-legends who played football. All these players, there’s one common denominator between all of them. They were all winners, they all cared about winning. “That’s what I want, and that’s what I’m scared for Harry Kane, that if he doesn’t move, and if some Tottenham fans want to shout me down I don’t care, if he does go you’ve got to pat him on the back and say thank you for what you’ve done. But if he doesn’t move I’m scared he’s not going to win anything. It’s not the place to be.”
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