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22-04-2021 | 16:19 Football

"I'm being told": Sky reporter has news on punishment Arsenal and Liverpool will now face after ESL news

Kavah Solhekol has suggested that any punishments will not impact on Arsenal and Liverpool squads after ESL news. The two sides were announced as founder members of the European Super League earlier this week. Later they made a decision to withdraw from the competition due to a protest wave, while it is suggested that they will not face any points deductions despite trying to breakaway and form a new competition. “Okay, so we’re talking about punishments. Will there be points deductions? Will there be fines? Will there be a transfer window,” Solhekol said. “What I’ve been hearing just in the last half hour or so is this is the process that’s being followed at the moment. “The Premier League are trying to establish if any rules have been broken by these clubs because they signed a letter of intent to join a non recognised league. “The mood I’m being told amongst the 14 clubs is to punish individuals not punish the six clubs because the feeling is if you punish the six clubs with a point deduction or something like that, you’re actually punishing the fans and they’re blameless in this. “The 14 clubs don’t want to punish the fans of these six breakaway clubs they want to punish the people responsible. “The kind of people we are speaking about are the CEO’s of these clubs. “Certain executives from these six breakaway clubs are going to be banned from attending Premier League meetings. “I’m being told how can we trust a word these CEO’s say again?”
Source: HITC
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