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‘I apologize’ – Newcastle United man finally asks forgiveness to West Ham fans

'I apologize' - Newcastle United man finally asks forgiveness to West Ham fans

Image source: Twitter

Callum Wilson has finally apologised to West Ham United fans.

Speaking on the Footballer’s Football podcast, the Newcastle United striker has asked forgiveness for causing controversy back in 2017.

When he was a Bournemouth player, he netted a 93rd minute equaliser in a 3-3 draw, yet his goal had hit his arm.

However, he was never in mood to apologize for his actions.

“I remember having one of those [flukey goals], it was against West Ham. I made a comment afterwards which I’ve been absolutely berated for ever since by the West Ham fans,” he said.


“We were late in the game 3-2 down at home, with Bournemouth, and I think Nathan Ake has headed the ball to the far post.


“I’ve tried to head the ball, but as I have headed it my arm is up as well and it’s skimmed off my arm and into the net. 


“There was no VAR at the time and the commentator at the end of the game asked me, what it was and how the goal went in. I said ‘a touch of magic’.


“And all of a sudden ever since it’s crazy, they don’t like me, they hate me. But honestly guys, if you’re listening. I apologise for the comment. I don’t apologis for scoring!”


source – hitc

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