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“I am a bit strange,” admits Rafael Nadal as he discusses rare talent

Tennis player Rafael Nadal

Image source: Getty Images

Rafael Nadal has admitted he is ‘a little bit strange’ in the way he plays tennis left-handed and golf right-handed. Although Nadal is perhaps the finest left-handed tennis player in history, it is actually the only thing he does in his life with his left.

Nadal, though, admits he is something of an absurdity.

“For me, it’s (the stroke in golf) like a backhand,” Nadal told Marca. “I started playing golf when I was at the age of 17 or 18, and naturally I started playing with my right hand.

“I’m a little bit strange in all of that. I eat and play basketball with the right, I play tennis and football with the left. It’s a bit strange.”

Source: Tennishead

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