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Hugo Lloris reveals what Tottenham must do to beat Dortmund in Champions League

Tottenham goalkeeper Hugo Lloris has warned Wembley will play a huge part if they are to overcome fantastic Borussia Dortmund.

Lloris said: “They (Dortmund) play fantastic football. They have so many fantastic players and I’m not surprised they are at the top of the league in Germany.

“The manager is very good with a great idea of football. It’s going to be very, very difficult. We need to obviously improve the team performance, compared to the game against Leicester City, and we need the stadium to push, to help us. In some days it’s difficult to deal with Wembley but hopefully, in this big game we’ll receive this help from the crowd.”

Lloris insists Spurs must lift themselves for the big games.

Lloris added: “In terms of performance, we have to do better if we want to dream of big achievements. But in terms of mentality and spirit, you cannot ask more. For sure we’ll improve together the team performance. And now we need to deal with a few more games and then hopefully the squad will be full again until the end. First of all, we need to keep our place in the top four and then maybe more. We’ll see.”

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