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Hoeness: “Franck Ribery will leave Bayern Munich”

Club president Uli Hoeness announced Frank Ribery’s final season in Bayern.

“Karl-Heinz [Rummenigge] and Hasan [Salihamidzic] agreed the year with Robben and him. And that’s how it looks it’ll be. We’re discussing a big farewell game. Franck of course wants to play at Bayern until he can’t run anymore. He can still play soccer for one to two years. He’ll later live in Munich and we’ll find a job for him that is worthy of his merits,” said Hoeness.

Hoeness — who may have once been spotted promising Ribery a contract-extension over coffee at Munich airport — spoke about the special relationship he has with Ribery:”I have a good relationship with every player, especially with him…. He’s grateful. That’s not a given in this day and age. Franck ist someone who’s there when you need him.”

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