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Henrikh Mkhitaryan’s nightmare: UEFA Nations League. Armenia 2-1 Lichtenstein

Arsenal star Henrikh Mkhitaryan is on international duty with his Armenia National Team. The new UEFA Tournament – Nations League began with Armenia National team’s 2-1 victory against Lichtenstein.

During the match, Henrikh Mkhitaryan did everything to score and had a few chances to give his team lead, but as he said after the match, it wasn’t his day.

The nightmare for Micki began in the first half of the match when he let the ball through his legs. After 2 minutes Mkhitaryan had an effort on goal but Benjamin Buchel blocked a shot.

However, a few minutes later Armenia break the deadlock with a wonderful strike from Marcos Pizeeli. Unfortunately, hosts managed to keep lead only three minutes as Sandro Wolfinger made it 1-1.

In the 62nd minute of the match, Mkhitaryan’s shot was blocked by Lichtenstein “hero” Buchel.  7 minutes later Buchel saved a penalty from Henrikh Mkhitaryan to keep the score at 1:1 after 70 minutes. Since the missed penalty, Mkhitaryan has missed 2 other big chances.

Later FC Vardar striker Tigran Barseghyan scores and help the team win the game.


UEFA Nations League: Armenia vs Liechtenstein HT (Yerevan, Armenia – Hrach Khachatryan)

The Armenia captain has admitted it was not his day.

“We scored a goal, but lost concentration and conceded. The game was tough. Now teams have learned to either attack or defend, which makes every game harder and harder. This was not the best day for me, but I think that only those who do nothing, can avoid mistakes.”

Arsenal star made journalists wait long as he passed a doping test. And of course, he was not in the mood to talk.

Mkhitaryan thinks his Armenia National teammates don’t need additional motivation as they all knew the importance of the game.

“If they need to wait when Heno must motivate him, I think that they don’t need to play. They all need to understand, everyone should motivate himself, find his game and lead the team. I always tell them we should play heads up till the end.”

Mkhitaryan, who now plays under Unai Emery at Arsenal has learned something from his former boss Jose Mourinho. The Armenia captain knows how to deal with journalists.

When he asked about for what they are going to the Macedonia Mkhitaryan said: ”For what? Of course for victory.”

And then Mkhitaryan has suggested the journalist to not come to the stadium with a negative mind.

UEFA Nations League: Armenia vs Liechtenstein 2-1: (Yerevan, Armenia – Hrach Khachatryan)

Henrikh Mkhitaryan statistics against Lichtenstein

  • Rating: 7.81
  • Total Shots: 8
  • Possession: 4.9 %
  • Pass Success: 80%
  • Dibbles: 3
  • Aerial Won: 2
  • Tackles: 0
  • Corners: 1
  • Dispossessed: 1
  • Saved shots: 11

After the game Armenia National Team player Gevorg Ghazaryan who plays for Portugal side G.D. Chaves said he didn’t talk with Mkhitaryan about Arsenal’s Europa League opponent Sporting CP and didn’t suggest how they can play against them, but admitted it’s not the first time for Henrikh to play against Portuguese club.

“We didn’t talk with Henrikh about Europa League matches. He has been in Portugal for two times before when he played against Benfica and Porto. And I’ll meet him there of course,” Ghazaryan told Vivaro News Sport.

Arsenal are in the same group with Qarabag from Azerbaijan. Mkhitaryan could miss the match.

UEFA Nations League: Armenia vs Liechtenstein 2-1: (Yerevan, Armenia – Hrach Khachatryan)

The Armenia National refused to fly to Baku to play Europa League match against Gabala when he was playing for Borussia Dortmund back in 2015. Reports from Azerbaijan informed that the player could be arrested according to article 318.2 for illegally crossing the border of the Republic of Azerbaijan, underlining the fact that Mkhitaryan had visited Nagorno-Karabakh in 2011.

Gevorg Ghazaryan is confident, Mkhitaryan should miss this match too:” “I think Henrikh shouldn’t play that match.”

Armenia to play second UEFA Nations League match against FYR Macedonia on 9th September in Skopje.