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Henrikh Mkhitaryan: “Everything happened in the last minute”

Armenia National Team to play against Italy at Vazgen Sargsyan Republican Stadium in Yerevan, Armenia during their qualification round of EURO 2020.

Ahead of the game, Armenia national team midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan has answered to some questions during the pre-match press-conference.

“Everything happened in the last day right after the Tottenham game I got a call from my agent. He told me that I have to fly to Rome the next day and to have medicals with the team as well as to sign the contract,” said Mkhitaryan when asked, by VBetNews jorunalist, about whether he knew that he will move to Roma.

“It is a great opportunity for me as I didn’t get much playing time.”

“I will be thankful if you ask me questions about the upcoming game against Italy and when there is time I can answer to the questions about Roma,” later continued Mkhitaryan.

“Firstly, there have been many changes as the game was in 2012, if I am not mistaken. The squad has changed, the coach has changed, the philosophy of the game has changed since that. I can’t say that the national team is the same as current national team,” said Armenia national team midfielder when asked about the previous game against Italy.

“This Italy national team loves to play more with the ball than the national team back in 2012. We will try to do everything possible to control the game.”

Later during the press-conference Mkhitaryan continued speaking about the upcoming game.

“It’s right that Italy has won all of their four games and we can say that they are the strongest team in the group,” said Mkhitaryan.

“I can’t compare the Italy national team with the other national teams in the group but we and other teams in the group will try to fight for the first place.

“There are no easy opponents in the group, even Liechtenstein can earn points. We will try to do our best.”

And the last question was how can Mkhitaryan describe his fitness for the games to which he answered: “I can say that tomorrow you will see it (laughs).”

” I am ready 100%. You play football not only with your feet but also with your brain. If you convince yourself that you can play 90 mins than anything is possible,” added the midfielder.

“The last few games I didn’t spend 90mins on the pitch but I am ready because I have fully trained.”

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