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Helmut Marko fires warning to Mercedes

Red Bull advisior Helmut Marko

Image source: Getty Images

After the first three Grand Prix of the season, Red Bull Racing has fallen behind. The team has to look for new solutions to close the gap between Mercedes. And according to Red Bull’s Helmut Marko the problem is not yet completely clear for the team and sends warning to Mercedes that they will do anything to catch up with Mercedes.

“In any case, after all the research, it can be said that the problem is with the aerodynamics of the car. Something is not going well with the inflow of the car. Also, the nose, which is copied from Mercedes, doesn’t quite do what we expected”, Marko explains to Auto, Motor und Sport. “We now know what works and what doesn’t.”

Marko believes it is important that the introduction of new parts for the RB16 is not done at once, but in small steps.

“We have to try to detect and tackle faults as quickly as possible. That’s why all new parts don’t come on the car at once, but in small steps. Then we can see if there’s a problem somewhere.”

Red Bull will have to work very hard this year to catch up with Mercedes, the focus will be on catching up. “The new rules are not a priority now. We have to solve our chassis problems first. We are still searching and are trying to catch up with Mercedes”, Red Bull’s advisor concludes.

Source: GPFans

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