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Harry Redknapp criticizes Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s Manchester United

Image source: Getty Images

Former footballer Harry Redknapp has criticized Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s Manchester United side claiming that the current Red Devils side are the worst Premier League has ever seen.

In an interview with talkSPORT, Redknapp said: “It’s got to be. Fergie never had a bad team in all his years in the Premier League.

“Alex’s were amazing, so yes, [so the current team] probably is. Unfortunately it’s what [Solskjaer] has inherited.

“It’s a long way back for [ Manchester United ], the team is nowhere near good enough. 

“You can talk about Ole and you can criticise the managers, but the players he has got are what they are. You looked at that team before that game and you thought, ‘what an average looking team’.”

Recently Manchester United lost 2-0 to West Ham and dropped points again as currently Solskjaer’s side are 8th in Premier League with 8 points, 10 points behind league leaders Liverpool

“West Ham looked a better team, that’s where they are, they’re a very, very average bunch at the moment I’m afraid.

“The fans are going to have to suffer that unless they go and buy another three or four, five good players over the next year or two. That’s where they are, they are just not good enough.

“They haven’t recruited well. The players they’ve got now, they will struggle. I don’t know about making the top four, they could even fall out of the top six if they’re not careful.

” Leicester and West Ham could push themselves into the top six this year and one or two of the regulars could fall out.”

via Mirror

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