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Alla Zakarian

11-10-2018 | 11:30 Formula 1

Hamilton: "Winning title earlier means ‘you gain back more of your life"

Lewis Hamilton doesn't believe that wrapping up the championship earlier in the season is more impressive than winning it at the final round. "I think the earlier the better, the less stress we have as a team. That’s always the feeling. But we just want to get it done whenever. You normally win a championship on a weekend so as long as you cross the last finishing line at the end in the lead then that’s really all that matters," Hamilton told Dieter Renchen. "I don’t really look at it as more impressive in my past years, for example when I finish in Austin, I don’t see that as more impressive personally than years when I finished up in the last race. It’s just you gain back some years of your life, I guess. For every day that you do it early you gain a bit of time back in your life."  

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