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Hamilton: “We all need to do more, that’s what the message was about”

F1 star Lewis Hamilton

Image source: Getty Images

Lewis Hamilton says that Formula 1 must continue to push for greater equality on eve of 2020 season beginning. The Mercedes driver also elaborated on a message he posted calling on people to begin speaking up against racism, saying everyone has a voice and can use it for change.

In an interview posted by Daimler titled We Care We Do We Move, the six-time world champion explained his motivations behind pushing the message as well as Mercedes’ recent moves to promote equality for under-represented groups.

“Ultimately, people perceived that I was targeting drivers,” said Hamilton. “I really wasn’t. It was targeted at the whole industry. It’s been something I’ve been aware of for a long long time and not really seeing anyone doing anything about it. In today’s world where we all have a platform to utilise our voice, we all have these followings, our voices are very powerful.

“If you’re not part of trying to encourage people to get out there and understand what the situation is, and why we’re in this situation, then for me that’s frustrating. That was calling to people within the industry for accountability. All the brands, they need to do more. The sport needs to do more. The FIA needs to do more. We all need to do more. That was really what the message was about.”

Source: motorsportmagazine

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